The Bath and Shower Industry Gets a Much-Needed Innovation with Ella’s Bubbles

Ellas bubbles walk in tub

The world has always been a home for people with a wide range of needs. The popular saying “all people are created equal” means that everyone is capable of achieving anything with the right attitude and determination. Despite how renounced this quote might be, it still falls short in the sense of physical capability. Many people have a well-functioning mind and body, and are capable of performing most physical tasks without difficulty. Meanwhile, there are many people who are not so fortunate and suffer from physical limitations. Technology and science are progressing rapidly and have influenced many aspects of society, but some are still left out. Technology and innovation should be used to provide convenience to everyone equally, regardless of physical or mental limitations. Ella’s Bubbles is establishing trends in providing accessible bathing activities.

The History of Bathtubs

As long as the years can be counted, baths have had a vast and archaeological history. The first bathtub-like device was not invented but discovered on the island of Crete. The device was about five feet long and made of hard pottery. The design is similar to the clawfoot tub invented much later in the 19th century.

Bathtubs date all the way back to the Romans. From 500 BC to AD 455, the Roman Empire was renowned for its bathing and hygienic practices. All royals used baths as a status symbol and boasted of their hygienic practices. Bathtubs did not look like those of today during this time. They were more like the large public baths found in Japan. In many pictures, these baths are depicted as encompassing the area of an entire room or even larger.

As the next in line to contribute to the evolution of the bath was the hygiene-loving Japanese. To achieve this level of hygiene, the Japanese culture places a lot of importance on cleanliness and bathing. In the area of showers and public baths, the Japanese have made remarkable innovations and set an example for the industry worldwide.

It was an American inventor, John Michael Kohler, who invented the first modern bathtub. Initially, his company focused on steel or iron products, and the first beta version was made with four decorative feet added to the bottom of a cast-iron trough, which was then painted. A version of this tub was later transformed into the world’s first clawfoot tub, a style that is still prevalent in many antique homes today.

An Innovation That’s Much-Needed

Located in Chicago, Ella’s Bubbles manufactures Walk-In Tubs and other accessibility-related products. It was founded in 2005 in the United States. The company envisioned new possibilities and introduced a renowned bathing experience from the start. Ella’s Bubbles offers assistance to those with physical or mental limitations in a similar way to handicap ramps and braille reading. This was the purpose behind the launch of their most renowned product, the Ella Transfer Walk-In Tub. Wheelchair users will find it convenient to use this model. This model is characterized by an outward swinging L-shaped door. This model allows an easy transition from a wheelchair to an acrylic seat with a comfortable shape. Ella’s Bubbles efforts to assist the mobility-challenged community were quickly recognized by others, and Ella continued to expand into a more general market.

It was in response to this newly discovered desire that Ella’s Bubbles began developing their other Walk-In Tub models, which began receiving similar attention from a wide variety of customers. Ella’s extensive product portfolio soon attracted many customers who wanted to install these unique bathtubs in their bathrooms to improve accessibility and relaxation. The company now offers 25+ unique Walk-In Tub styles, including two-seat walk-in tubs, inward and outward swinging doors, stainless steel doors, and the Ella Shak – the largest walk-in tub in the world.

By providing those with challenging lifestyles with a way to relieve pain and find peace while bathing, Ella’s Bubbles has attracted exponential attention. Our mission is to provide the best quality to our customers and to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.