Walk-in Tub USA Offers One-Day Tub/Shower Renovations In Chicago, Illinois

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Are you ready to transform your outdated bathroom into the luxurious, spa-like sanctuary you have always dreamed of? 

If so, contact Walk-in Tub USA, an Illinois Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tub dealer.

All team members who do installations are factory trained and certified in addition to their experience.

Bathroom Renovations in One Day

Walk-in Tub USA specializes in bathroom renovations, such as tub-to-shower conversions, tub replacements, and walk-in tub installations.

If you’ve been putting off upgrading your bathroom for years and years because the cost is unknown or you don’t believe it’s necessary, the Walk-in Tub USA team offers two assurances:

We’ll send a rep within a day or two-no waiting a week or more-and you’ll receive an estimate that same day.

Upon starting a project, the installation technicians will work quickly and quietly to minimize any disruption to your daily life and to complete your project as soon as possible.

Walk-in Tub USA can complete the installation in as little as one to two days. There is no reason to wait until it seems like forever to use your bathroom again-or to enjoy using your new shower or tub.

We are Chicago’s exclusive Ella dealer, a highly trusted name in the industry. Walk-in Tub USA is the exclusive Ella’s Bubbles Bath Remodel dealer in Illinois

In addition to tub-to-shower replacements, we also offer shower-to-tub conversions. If your bathroom is small, you may be considering converting your bathtub to a shower. Showers use less water than tubs, saving you money on water bills. However, if you stand all day at work or have small children, a bathtub may be a better option. We also offer tub-shower combos, which appeal to both shower-taker and tub-bather alike.

Transform Your Bathroom and Give It Your Own Unique Style Walk-in Tub USA’ tubs and showers are made from nonporous acrylic that resists cracking, chipping, and staining, so you can expect them to last for years to come.

They have an antimicrobial agent that resists mold and mildew growth, which makes them easier to maintain than your old tub or shower. To keep them clean, you simply wipe them with a soft cloth and nonabrasive cleaner.

Walk-in Tub USA offers more than a dozen color options, ranging from traditional white to earth-toned stone and marble. You can also select the tile texture and size that match the style of your bathroom.

Besides the many color options, you can add optional features such as built-in shelves to store soaps, shampoos and bathing accessories, seating, grab bars and a low threshold to make getting in and out easier.

Warranty, Value and Financing Options

Walk-in Tub USA provides quality and value that cannot be matched. As long as you own your home, our products are covered by comprehensive lifetime manufacturer warranties. We also offer financing options.

Homeowners can choose from a one-year, a five-year or a ten-year loan. We do our best to make the project as affordable as possible for them.

In addition to their exceptional service and fast installation, the Walk-in Tub USA team completes more than half of their installations in just one day!

Walk-in Tub USA has maintained our focus on growing the company, creating a positive company culture and providing the best customer experiences for our clients.

Additionally, Walk-in Tub USA opened a customer experience center in Fox Valley, Illinois as a showroom for our bathtubs.

If you read our Google reviews, you can see that doing the right thing for our customers is important to us.

We are constantly working with our installers to ensure that they are not only doing the right things in our customers’ homes but also asking the right questions. Our mission is to offer a world-class experience to our customers and to be the best employer in the home improvement market. We are trying to create a winning culture at the company.

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It is easier than ever before to get the bathroom of your dreams. Get the bathroom of your dreams from Walk-in Tub USA sooner than you think! To learn more about working with Walk-in Tub USA, Call or Contact us online.