How To Choose Your Walk-In Bathtub

Walk-In Bathtub
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Step 1: Get Bather Measurements
Determine the optimal width of the seat.

Step 2: Determine Home Dimensions
Next, assess the layout of your bathroom or location where the walk-in tub will be installed.

Step 3: Evaluate Door Shape and Opening Dimensions

Consider the bather’s physical impairments and bathroom layout when choosing a door type.

Step 4: Choose Door Styles
If your bathroom layout can accommodate both an inward and outward swing U-shape door, you may shift your focus to the aesthetic look of the door instead of functionality.

Step 5: Choose Door Handle Position Preferences

Step 6: Consider Drain & Door Direction
When choosing a walk-in tub drain position, consider the following:

Step 7: Understand Therapeutic Options
The quantity and configuration of therapeutic options is determined in part, by the amount of space available below the tub shell to house the mechanical components. The larger the size of the walk-in tubs, the more motors and mechanical components can be fit within the stainless steel tub frame. At maximum a walk-in tub can fit 4 therapeutic options. Please visit product pages to see available therapeutic combination options for each tub style.

Learn About Possible Therapeutic Benefits
Bathers may benefit from hydrotherapy jetted walk-in tubs if they suffer from these health concerns:

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