Walk-in Tub Shower Door with Combo Shower Head

The Ella 4-fold glass shower door with rainfall shower head is an excellent upgrade for your walk-in tub. It provides an airy open feeling when you are in the walk-in tub. The 4-fold glass shower door uses an easy glide rail to smoothly open and close with little or no effort. It is a perfect alternative to a shower curtain for your walk-in bathtub. It has high-quality geared hinges for reliable daily use. It will easily fold away when not in use and can be installed on a variety of walk-in tubs.

Ella’s new adjustable shower column with a rainfall shower head is another great accessory that many people enjoy on their walk-in tub. It is made to extend to 7’6″ to accommodate tall bathers. It has an oversized rainfall shower head for a wide coverage area. It also comes with an extendable multi-function hand shower for hard to reach areas.

These walk-in tub accessories and more are available from Walk-in Tub USA.

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