Best Handicap & Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Tub

wheelchair accessible walk-in tubSince 2005, Ella has been manufacturing luxury walk-in bathtubs. 25 of their walk-in tubs are loaded with luxury features and cost less than $7,000. The Ella walk-in tubs, which include wheelchair transfer models, are also equipped with features you won’t find on other walk-in tubs, such as ozone sterilization, water temperature control, chroma-therapy, and foot massage jets.

Ella tubs also have air massage jets as well as hydrotherapy jets to give you different levels of intensity. There are many places to buy Ella’s tubs, but only Walk-in Tub USA offers an instant online price quote that includes installation, so you don’t have to guess how much it will cost for the whole project.

We recommend Ella transfer walk-in tubs for the best handicap & wheelchair accessibility.

Ella Wheelchair Transfer 30: This wheelchair-accessible bathtub has an outward-opening door, an ergonomic seat, and massaging jets. A grab bar on the top of the outer wall and the interior of the inner wall give bathers something to hold on to when getting in and out of the tub. 17 massage jets offer relief to the back, legs, and feet, and two drains empty the tub in about 80 seconds.

The Ella Wheelchair Transfer 30 is available from Walk-in Tub USA for under $7000

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Walk-in Tub Tub Features

  • Ella’s Bubbles manufactures wheelchair transfer tubs
  • Contains unique features such as ozone sterilization and chroma-therapy
  • The walk-in tubs are constructed of acrylic and stainless steel

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