Why Ella’s Bubbles Walk-In Tubs

When you’re searching for the right walk-in tub for your home, we recognize that as a buyer you have many options. In this 22 part video series we explain many of the critical differences for you to be aware of before you make your investment. These videos will help you save time and avoid costly mistakes that many homeowners make when buying and installing a walk-in bathtub.

The multi-part series below compares Ella walk-in tubs to other national walk-in tub brands, and was presented by Nic Boatner, and experienced walk-in tub installer and owner of Fox Valley Home Services.

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1.  Why Ella Walk In Tubs

Learn why Ella walk-in tubs are the industry leader when it comes to innovation, durability and style. Chapter one gives us a general overview.

2. Durable Rustproof Walk-in Tub Frame

This video details Ella’s superior frame and stability.

3. More Leveling Legs – Stronger Foundation

See the importance of Ella’s superior leveling leg system.

4.  Four Port – 2″ Dual Drain Technology

Chapter four shows us Ella’s industry best four port dual drain system and why it is so much better than anything the competition can offer.

5. Strategic Therapeutic Jetting

Chapter five details Ella’s superior air and hydro jetting design.

6. Exceptional, Unique Door Designs

Chapter six showcases Ella’s superior doors.

7. Unique Door Locking System

Chapter seven details the inner workings of Ella’s exclusive two and three shaft door locking mechanism.

8. Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Tubs

In chapter eight, Nic explains the benefits, design and value of Ella’s Transfer Tubs.

9. Two Seat Walk-In Tubs

Chapter nine describes the innovation and unique design of Ella’s exclusive two seat walk-in tubs.

10. Ella Walk-in Tub Features

Chapter 10 details all of the options and extras available to you as you design your own walk-in tub.

11. Faucet Choices

Chapter 11 shows you Ella’s unique faucet options.

12. Acrylic vs. Fiberglass Gelcoat

In this chapter Nic explains why acrylic tubs are far superior to fiberglass and gel-coat tubs.

13. Under the Deck – View on Piping

Chapter 13 details the superior design behind the panels. The exceptional auto-purge and ozone generator works hard to keep your tub at its most sanitary.

14. Assembly, Jetting & Testing in Chicago

Chapter 14 gives us an inside view of Ella’s facility in Chicago and how the tubs are thoroughly tested before shipping out to our customers.

15. Importance of Choosing Ella Dealers

Chapter 15 details the value and importance of hiring the right walk-in tub installer

16. Understanding Walk-In Tub Sales Techniques

In chapter 16 Nic explains what to watch out for and what to avoid during a pushy sales pitch.

17. Independent Foot Massage / Pump

In chapter 17, Nic explains how Ella’s uses separate pumps for different functions of the tub. Separate pumps means higher intensity water jets combined with a more effective air jet system.
It also allows Ella to offer independent foot massage.

18. Lay-Down Tubs

In chapter 18 Nic shows us the benefits and beauty of the 3272 Lay-Down tub.

19. Ella Innovative Accessories

In chapter 19 Nic details new and exciting innovations and great accessories coming from Ella.

20. Superior Packaging

In chapter 20 Nic explains how Ella’s goes to great lengths to protect their tubs during the shipping process.

21. Extension Panels – Making The Perfect Fit For Your Tub

In chapter 21 Nic explains how extension panels can make your walk-in tub fit perfectly in your alcove.

22. Why Ella Walk In Tubs Are the Best Choice

In the final chapter, Nic gives gives his final thoughts and suggestions on what an educated consumer should look for and what to expect when purchasing a walk-in tub.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Ella’s Bubble’s. These videos were created with the intent to educate and inform viewers on topics not limited to the purchase, installation and use of walk-in tubs.