Walk-In Tub Installation Photos

Chicago’s very own, Ella’s Bubbles, can help you achieve the best in bathroom remodeling. After all, your bathroom is a very important component of your home. Make your time in the bathroom not only pleasurable, but safe as well with a bathroom remodel! From walk-in bathtubs and walk-in shower installations, to laydown tubs, we can do it all!

Our expert experience will help you create a bathroom remodel update that is sure to last for years and give you the best return on your investment. Achieving great design within customers’ bath remodels is what we do best. With different walk-in tub models, shower designs, and accessories to choose from, the options are endless in your ability to create a luxurious bathroom.

Ella’s mission is very simple and to the point. We aim to offer only the best walk-in bathtubs in terms of safety, design, and therapeutic features. All at an exceptional price as well! In addition, our customer support provides expert advice and effective solutions to ensure the best customer experience possible. In fact, the satisfaction of our customers is, and always will be our top priority. We will help guide you into making a choice that suites not only you, but your bathroom as well! With that being said, here’s an album featuring our customer installation photos!
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