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Walk-In Shower Bases and Shower Kits

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Multi-Piece Showers Bathroom Remodel
One-Piece Showers New Construction
walk-in shower bases and kits

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Shower Base

Shower Bases
walk-in shower bases and kits

Ella’s Bubbles offers many types of shower bases to fit your bathroom needs. Furthermore, all our shower bases are pre-leveled (no mudset required) to save installation time and the shower floors include an anti-slip texture to help reduce slippage. Also, our bases come in all different sizes to fit any sized shower.

To conclude, they also come in different drain options (right, left, or center) because this will allow for better customization. Most importantly, just like in our showers, we offer low threshold bases as well as barrier free bases. The low threshold base will have a low 4 inch step while the barrier free base will have an incline to make it wheelchair accessible.

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Acrylic Wall Liner Beauty Shot

Acrylic Wall Liners
walk-in shower bases and kits

Our beautiful acrylic wall surrounds and accessories are the perfect fit to complete a quick weekend bathroom transformation. The wall color options and simulated tile patterns create the high-end look without the installation time or continued maintenance of stone tile. Without grout, no mold or fungus has space to grow.

Next, our packages exhibit a high level of versatility and will compliment a new or existing bathtub, walk-in bathtub or shower base. For example, a professional installation can be done in a small amount of time(as little as one day) depending on the complexity of the situation.

The wall panels are made of premium quality acrylic, made in the U.S.A., and they can improve any bathroom space affordably and efficiently. Further, you can choose an Acrylic Wall Liner Package with four different color panel options available. They are available in Standard (just wall panels), Complete, or you can completely customize your order with an easy 1-2-3 ordering process.

That process features multiple combinations that are tailored to your needs and preferences. Lastly, each wall surround comes complete with an Installation Kit. Are you ready to start your wall surround project?

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