Create a Handicap Accessible Bathroom in St. Charles, IL

Wrench and Plumbing PartsMaintain your independence with a full bathroom remodel from Walk in Bathtub USA. Our company has everything needed to create a handicap accessible bathroom in St. Charles, IL. Speak with our staff today to discover more on our handicap bathroom options for your home.

Your New Bathroom Setup

When you are living with mobility issues, you may require assistance from loved ones to complete your daily activities. With a handicap bathroom designed with you in mind, you’ll no longer have to rely on others for this activity. With the services and solutions from our team, you will have a bathroom that makes it easy for you to bathe without the help of others.

A Handicap Bathroom Design

Work with us to choose the details of your new bathroom setup. From bathtub conversions to walk in tubs, we offer a variety of options for spaces of nearly any size. We are happy to advise you on which fixtures will best fit your lifestyle needs.

Discover how easy it is to make a handicap accessible bathroom in your home. Call us today to speak with our specialists regarding your service options.