Mobile Features


One of the best and exclusive features of the Mobile is its gravity driven drain system. The drain is outfitted with its own overflow and stainless-steel cable operated drain opener with extended handle for an easier grip. Typical drainage time is approximately +/-80 seconds at ideal in-home plumbing conditions. Having a gravity driven 2” drain not only provides you with quick and reliable drainage, allowing you to safely drain and exit the walk-in tub. The two-inch drain can be connected using Tee or Y 2” pipe connector to the standard 1 ½” or 2” house drain. If possible, it is recommended to connect into 2” or 3” house drain for a faster drainage time. Ella gravity driven drains are fast and reliable because they do not require electric pump. Whereas electrical driven drains may fail due to electrical shorts or power outages.

Our unique gear and shaft driven 3-latch door edges out our competition who typically use a single latch/lever system. A 3-latch door system provides a more secure and watertight door seal than the conventional single latch system, providing you with a leak-free bathing experience.

Ella Mobile acrylic walk-in bathtubs are available in multiple package options which can be seen under the “Packages” tab. Ella’s Bubbles offers three (3) therapeutic options in terms of jetting systems. Hydro massage, air massage, and/or Infusion Microbubble Therapy. The Mobile can be ordered with several combinations of these 3 systems. The available jetting options can be viewed by clicking on link Jetting Options & Diagrams. The most popular combination is dual massage: air and hydro massage option, also hydro massage and Infusion Microbubble Therapy. Unfortunately, all 3 therapeutic options cannot fit under the seat of the Mobile and cannot be ordered as the standard package.

Hydro Massage System (Optional)
The hydro massage system includes a hydro pump with an in-line water heater, ecofriendly ozone sterilization, hydro massage intensity dial control, strategically positioned hydro jet system for targeted and effective massaging, and an on/off push control. There is also digital controller option available with the dual massage (air and hydro) package, however the on/off push controls are the most popular choice considering the ease of use. The push controls are designed to rise above the deck for easier push to touch for easy on/off action. Smaller digital controller maybe harder to see and operate by the elderly, however that is a great option for people with specific design requirements.

The hydro massage intensity dial control allows you to adjust the strength of the water stream by adding more or less air into the hydro system. The in-line water heater and ozone sterilization automatically engage when the hydro massage push control is pressed down when turning on your jets.

The Ella Mobile has eleven (11) strategically placed hydro jets in order to deliver optimal therapeutic relief while you bathe. Five (5) upper seat area fixed jets work to provide relief to your back, while the four (6) lower area adjustable jets massage your feet and your calves. The specially designed and placed foot area 2 hydro jets are moved all the way down to the floor allowing the bather to be in relaxed position for maximum foot massage enjoyment. Feel free to compare the jetting in our competitor tubs and you will find out that this is another exclusive feature and unique feature available only in Ella’s Bubbles walk in tubs.

The ozone sterilization helps to keep your tub cleaner and clear of bacteria build-up. The in-line water heater helps to maintain the bathing temperature at constant level; however, it does not guarantee your hot water level in the water tank. It is suggested to upgrade to the largest available 75-gallon water heater to assure enough hot water. Please consult with your contractor to assure enough hot water for your walk-in tub.

Air Massage System (Optional)
The air massage system includes an air pump with a 3-speed variable push control and strategically positioned air jet system for optimal therapeutic relief. A digital controller option is also available with dual massage (air and hydro) package however the on/off push controls are the most popular choice considering the ease of use. The push controls have a raised design for easy push on/off action. Smaller digital controller may be harder to see and operate by elderly however that is a great option for people with specific design requirements.

The Ella Mobile has fourteen (14) air jets strategically placed in order to deliver optimal therapeutic relief while you bathe. These jets are designed flush with the acrylic shell in order to ensure maximum comfort. Eight (8) upper seat area fixed flat design jets work to provide relief to your back, hips and thighs in addition to the six (6) floor jets in the lower foot area which deliver a gentle massage to your feet and legs while you bathe. Fourteen (14) jets in total, all strategically placed to give you the best bathing experience imaginable.

The air massage system also includes the auto-purge feature. This feature engages automatically 20 minutes after the pump has been turned off to purge water out of the air jet lines. The auto-purge will engage automatically and run for 120 seconds to ensure your system is clear and free of moisture and excess water helping to prevent the mildew build up.

Infusion™ MicroBubble Therapy (Optional)
Ella Infusion™ MicroBubble Therapy consists of a single microbubble jet connected to a hydro pump and microbubble tank system. The high-pressure hydro pump along with the microbubble tank brakes down the water molecules into billions of tiny bubbles which are then sent out through the single jet, filling your walk-in tub with billions of tiny bubbles, providing you with an unequivocal moisturizing and exfoliating therapeutic experience. These bubbles moisturize and exfoliate your skin while you bathe.

Infusion™ MicroBubble Therapy is a calming experience that offers many added benefits to your bathing experience. It is a process of infusing the pressurized water with billions of micro sized, oxygen rich bubbles. These bubbles whirl around your body to help you rest and unwind. The stimulation of the epidermal layer of your skin can also promote restfulness and the release of muscle tension. Feel your muscles release built up tension as billions of tiny bubbles burst to help clean, exfoliate and hydrate your skin.

You can view all available jetting options for the Petite below under “Jetting & Diagrams”.

Jetting Options & Diagrams (7)

Soaking – No Jets
Dual massage – Hydro and Air Massage
Hydro Massage
Air Massage
Infusion Microbubble Therapy
Hydro Massage and Infusion Microbubble Therapy
Air Massage and Infusion Microbubble Therapy

Faucet Options (3)

1. Thermostatic Control Valve 5 Piece Faucet Set
The 5 Piece Faucet Set includes a deck mounted thermostatic control valve, spout, pull-out hand shower, spout diverter, and pull-out shower diverter. The defining feature is the Deck Mounted Thermostatic Control Valve, which has an anti-scald feature that keeps the water at a consistent temperature and prevents water from suddenly shifting to unsafe temperature levels. Fill time with this faucet is 7-8 gallons per minute based on your home plumbing conditions.

2. Huntington Brass 5 Piece Fast Fill Faucet Set

The Huntington Brass 5 Piece Fast Fill Faucet Set includes a spout, pull-out hand shower, hot and cold on/off levers, and a diverter. This fast fill faucet has a fill rate up to 18 gallons per minute based on your home plumbing conditions. ¾” supply lines offer a higher rate of water flow compared to standard ½” lines. Please keep in mind that flow rate can vary based on your homes plumbing conditions and water pressure.

3. Jandon Retro 5 Piece Roman Faucet
The Jandon Retro 5 Piece Faucet Set includes a spout, pull-out hand shower, hot and cold on/off levers, and a diverter. The ½” supply lines allow for a fill rate of 12-16 gallons per minute based on your home plumbing conditions.

Optional Features (6)

1. Controller Options

When it comes to controls we offer two options: Push Control or Digital Control. Our push controls are easy to use push down buttons that will operate your chosen jetting and any additional features such as the Chromatherapy LED light. The digital control is our more modern option, giving you a digital keypad from which to control your jettings and additional features such as Chromatherapy LEDs and heated seat & backrest. Both are excellent options and provide all the functionality needed to fully enjoy our walk in bathtubs.

2. Heated Seat and Backrest
Advanced radiant heaters provide soothing comfort directly to the seat and backrest so you can be sure to remain comfortable and warm while your walk-in bathtub fills. Gone are the days of being cold while waiting for your tub to fill with this wonderful option. A simple to operate easy to reach push button on/off switch comes installed when this option is selected.

3. LED Chromatherapy
LED Chromatherapy includes an LED light and an easy to use on/off push control. The LED light cycles through various colors and illuminates the entire water for a beautiful and soothing experience.  Color has often been used in the past as treatment for illnesses. Since 1876, people used light waves to rid the mind and body of ailments and this is what is referred to as Chromatherapy. It is believed that each color has a different healing property. The included push control allows you to control the LED light, you can choose to have it cycle through a spectrum of colors or you can manually cycle it to your favorite color and have it hold there.

4. Ozone Sterilization (for single hydro massage package)

Ozone is a proven water disinfectant. NuWhirl’s micrOzone generator targets tub plumbing where water can remain after baths, creating a higher concentration of ozone than many larger units. Its size—the smallest in the industry—means simple and flexible installation.

5. Infusion Microbubble Therapy

6. Aromatherapy
Our easy to use aromatherapy system can help you relax and recuperate. Relaxation can be induced by all five senses, especially smell. This is why we offer this feature as an option on any of our tubs with our hydro jet system. The aromatherapy system works by infusing oil into the hydro jet lines and fills your tub with the decadent scent that you have chosen creating a pleasant aroma for you to enjoy and relax in.

Accessories (3)

1. Seat Pillow, Raiser (U Shape and Standard)

Our dual massage walk-in tubs have two air jets in the center of the seat. The U shape pillow is designed to accommodate these two bidet jets. If you want to cover bidet jets, you can utilize the regular seat pillow. This luxuriously thick pillow is incredibly comfortable and can be used as riser or additional seat support in all walk in bathtubs. The interior material is washable and can be removed.

2. Headrest & Neck Support

3. Ella 4-Fold Glass Shower Screen in Chrome Finish for Walk-In Tubs