Cultured Marble Shower Wall Installation Ideas

Decorative Tile Strip Installation Ideas

Please see the below installation ideas for adding decorative or mosaic tile (marked A in drawings). Decorative tiles (not included) can be purchased by the customer and installed in between shower wall panels as a decorative accent strip or if the joint lines of panels do not meet customer’s expectations. The wall panels do not have rounded off edges, so it is suggested to add mosaic or decorative tile strip (optional). By adding decorative tile between the panels can also be used to increase the size of the walls. For example, 6” mosaic tiles can be added between the 30” and 60” panels to achieve an 8’ high shower wall. The ¾” thick 2” trim also can be used as a separation piece between 2 panels and can be purchased as extra parts found in Cultured Marble Shower Accessories.

The shower kit is shipped on a flat, well-protected pallet. The shipping costs are much lower than common large or oversized shower wall crates. The largest panel of this kit is 36”x60” making it easier and safer to carry than standard single-piece 96″ panels. These multi-peace panels can be installed by a single person, reducing the risk of breaking, making them ideal for DIY projects!