8PC Cultured Marble Description

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This unique 8 panel shower wall kit makes the installation process easier by offering multiple unique assembling options and fixture placement variations. The 1/4″ thick cultured marble panels are durable and feel like stone to the touch, unlike acrylic shower walls that feel like plastic. The panels are non-porous, stain-resistant, and easy to clean surface (non-abrasive cleaners). The accessories or panels can be added and repositioned based on the customer’s choice and needs. Decorative tile can be added in between panels to increase the size of the wall or to add an accent to the wall design. This shower kit is also great for DIY (do it yourself projects). Ella’s Bubbles offers 3 package options which can be selected below.

The back wall of the Ella 8-panel shower consists of two 30”x60” panels stacked on top of two 30”x30” shorter panels creating a 60” x 90” wall. If the 2” trim is placed in the middle it will add 2” width to extend to 62” wide and 90” high back wall. All panel edges are factory finished and joints are treated as regular tiles, finish with grout. The back-wall panels can be cut on their sides to fit into the opening. Panels are easily cut with a masonry circular saw. The side walls are installed over the back wall panel covering the cut edges. The side walls consist of two 36” wide and 30” high panels installed on the bottom and two 36” wide 60” high panels stacked on top of each side. The 36” wide side panels are cut to size and can accommodate any shower base or bathtub from 30” to 36” width. If the 36” shower base or bathtub is selected, the edges of 36” side panels and base or tub must be covered with 2”x3/4” trims, and Package 3 or 4 must be selected (trims included). The 2” trim will nicely cover the edges of the 36” side panel, shower base, or a bathtub. The edges of the 36” wide side panels are ¼” thick and factory finished, they can be installed with caulking and paint if a tub or shower base smaller than 36” is selected. In this case, the 36” wide side panel will overlap the shower base or bathtub. Please see manuals and consult with a professional contractor to assure the correct selection. All shower panels are treated as regular tile and joints are finished with the grout or preferably with matching color 100% silicone. Panels can be glued over drywall, plaster, painted walls, plywood, Durock, or even existing tiles (with 100% silicone).

The 8-piece shower kit is shipped on a flat, well-protected custom-designed 64”x40” honeycomb pallet. The shipping costs are much lower than common large or oversized shower wall crates. The largest panel of this 8-piece kit is 36”x60” making it easier and safer to carry into the bathroom by a single person without risking breaking the large panels and the need for 2 or more people to help it be ideal for DIY.