FAQ’s for Shower Wall Panels A-Frame or 53’ Truckload Program
FAQ’s for Shower Wall Panels

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]What is an A-Frame?
An A-Frame is a large pallet 46”x104”x75” that weighs 440 lbs. Designed for cultured marble and shower base transportation FAQ’s for Shower Wall Panels

How many A-Frames fit in a 53’ Truck? 12

How many 3-panel shower wall kits fit on an A-Frame?
8 packed sets or 10 loose panels

How much does an A-Frame weigh with loaded maximum quantity? FAQ’s for Shower Wall Panels
10 3-panel kits – two 30” side panels, one 60” back panel at 96” height plus 2” trim sticks (10lbs each) stored on the top of the A-Frame – total = 3,240 lbs. (Wider side panels (32”, 34” or 36”) will add more weight – see price sheets for lbs)

How much do 2” trim sticks cost? See price listing.

How many 3-panel shower wall kits fit in a 53’ truck?
96 packed sets or 120 loose panels

How much does it cost to pack a 3-panel shower wall kit?
$20/kit or you can choose to have the walls packed loose and we deduct $20/kit for packing a 53’ truck order

How much can I save if I get a 53’ truck with loosely packed wall kits?

Why do I need individually packed wall kits?
For smaller projects handled by different crews, as well as to minimize potential breaking during transportation

Can I mix the order and pick any wall design? Yes FAQ’s for Shower Wall Panels

Is it the same price for different textures and colors? Yes

How long does an order take to be delivered?
5-6 weeks to make the order and another week or two for it to be delivered

Is your tallest panel 96”? If so, can you make accommodations?
96” is our height limit, if needed we can send two of our smaller panels to fill-in any additional space necessary or have a custom cut done

What adhesive do you need to use for the tub surrounds and shower walls?
100% Silicone must be used for both shower and tub

On what type of surface can the wall panels be installed over?
Over drywall, plaster, painted walls, plywood, or any solid wall, stud or existing tile surface FAQ’s for Shower Wall Panels

FAQ’s for shower base pallet or 53’ Truckload Program

1. How many shower bases can be fit in 53’ truck?
The shower bases are packed on pallets and safest is to pack maximum 5 shower bases per pallet. We can ship 100 bases per truck (20 pallets). Although it is possible to pack up to 8 bases on a pallet, you will run the risk of bases breaking. So, the minimum for a 53’ truck is 100 bases or maximum could be 160 (8/pallet).

2. Are drains included with shower bases? No

3. Can I order trench drains? Yes – see pricing and available sizes.

Additional Details:

A frames are 46”x104”x75”, the weight of the A frame with 10 sets and trims is 3,240 LBS.

A frame weight: 440 LBS
30”x60”x30”@96”: 270 LBS
Trim stick: 10 LBS

53’ fits 12 A-frames cost to Chicago 3000 : 12 = 250 : 8 = 31.25 (up it to 38) FAQ’s for Shower Wall Panels[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]