Walk-in Tub Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’s

Who are Ella Walk in Bathtubs & Accessible Showers designed for?

Ella Walk-in Bathtubs & Accessible Showers are designed for everyone who needs an easy and safe way to rejuvenate and bathe in the comfort of their own home.  Most importantly Ella Walk in Bathtubs & Accessible Showers offer a way for you to stay independent longer regardless of any mobility issues that arise.

Where do I buy my Ella Walk In bathtub or Accessible Shower at? Who will install it?

Walk-in Tub USA has contractors with experience in handling our products and a proven track record of customer satisfaction.  We can help you select the right product and to get the job done.  We also offer top notch technical support through via phone to ensure you have a pleasant experience.  Please Contact Us for help finding the walk-in tub for you.

Who are Ella Walk in Bathtubs & Accessible Showers certified through?

Ella products have many certifications to ensure the product you receive is safe and will bring you years of relaxation. Please refer to each product page for the specific certification information. Frequently Asked WIT Questions

What is the difference between Acrylic and Ella Gel Coat Walk in Bathtubs?

Ella’s Bubbles offers Acrylic and Gel Coat Walk in Bathtubs, it is important to understand the differences when selecting which one is right for you. Both bathtubs are made with fiberglass reinforcement, however the main difference is found in the surface. The Acrylic bathtubs are formed from a solid sheet of material resulting in a brilliant finish that is nonporous, impermeable to mold and mildew, long lasting, and easy to maintain. Gel Coat bathtubs are formed with fiberglass and plywood backing that provides the versatility to make durable, long lasting walk in bathtubs in a variety of sizes and applications that cannot be achieved with Acrylic material. Only the finest Marine Grade materials are used. Together both materials provide many luxurious options for bathrooms and bathers of all shapes and sizes.

Are Ella Walk in Bathtubs & Accessible Showers built to last a lifetime?

Ella Walk in Bathtubs and Accessible Showers are built and designed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Our Walk in bathtubs have been independently tested to meet and exceed performance requirements across the US and Canada.

What is the warranty for Ella Walk in Bathtubs & Accessible Shower Products?

The entire family of Ella products come with one of the BEST overall warranties in the industry. Please go to each product page and download the product manual which includes the warranty certificate to view warranty information for a specific model.

Are Ella Walk in Bathtubs & Accessible Shower products easy to install? How much will it cost?

Each bathroom poses a unique set of challenges to work with.  Ella Walk in Bathtubs are engineered to be installed above the floor avoiding costly plumbing work. The included end panel and wall extension kit allow for you to install an Ella Walk in Bathtub snugly in a typical bathtub alcove and much more.  Ella Accessible Showers are “front side” installation utilizing a lock and pin system.  This keeps seams out of sight and minimizes installation time. The exact cost of installation will be determined by the professional you choose.

Can I shower in an Ella Acrylic or Gel Coat Bathtub?

Ella Walk in Bathtubs come equipped with a handheld shower unit.  A shower curtain can be added to provide a barrier for any overspray. Frequently Asked WIT Questions

Which water heater will provide me the best Ella Acrylic or Gel Coat bathing experience?

Making sure the water that fills your Ella Walk in Bathtub is adequately heated will provide the most rejuvenating experience.  We recommend using a 60+ gallon gas water heater due to the larger capacity and ability to regenerate much faster than electric units.  A separate (designated in-line electric tank less water) heater can be installed that will assist your primary water heater in keeping you warm and comfortable. These units are fairly inexpensive and provide a great solution if you cannot use a gas water heater or have limited capacity.

How can I improve the water pressure to my Ella Acrylic or Gel Coat Bathtub?

Installing a water pressure booster pump will increase the water pressure throughout your entire house.

What can I do to stay warm while my Ella Acrylic or Gel Coat bathtub is filling with water?

Ella Walk in Bathtubs come equipped with two water diverters (one for the hand mixer and one for the spout) which allow you to enjoy the warm water from the pull out hand mixer as the spout is filling the tub. These diverters can be used independently or simultaneously.

What is the difference between the Ella Acrylic Walk in Showers and Ella Gel Coat Walk in Showers?

Ella Acrylic & Gel Coat Accessible Showers are built with the best materials available. Our Acrylic Wall Liners are designed to provide a durable, easy to install non-porous surface for your bathtub or shower walls.  Color coordinated accessories help to complete a designer look without the hefty cost usually associated with one.  Our Gel Coat Shower system is designed to provide a complete solution for your accessible shower needs. We’ve compiled the BEST options available today into packages that are easy to understand and order. Please visit each specific product page for detailed information.

What makes an Ella Acrylic Walk In Bathtub door water tight?

All Ella Acrylic Walk-In Bathtubs are designed with a leak-proof door seal system.  The leak-proof silicone seal is pressurized by setting the door locking arm into place which takes approximately 1 pound of force.  Additionally, the weight of water inside the tub further compresses the door seal making it completely leak proof. We have so much confidence in our door seal it’s backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

What products are recommended for cleaning the Ella Acrylic and Gel Coat Tubs?

  • White Vinegar & Water (Recommended)
  • Dawn® Dish Detergent
  • Rubbermaid® Commercial Strength Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner
  • Home Depot HDX Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner
  • Scrub Free Original Soap Scum Remover
  • Kaboom™ Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner with OxiClean™
  • Simple Green® All Purpose Cleaners (Any Scent)
  • Simple Green® Lime Scale Remover
  • Simple Green® Natural Bathroom Cleaner
  • All Tilex® products
  • All Pine-Sol® products
  • All Clorox® Fragranzia® products

When not in use is the door to be left open or closed?

Keep door unlocked to keep the gasket from being squeezed which will prolong the life of the gasket. Frequently Asked WIT Questions

Acrylic Walk In Bathtub Questions

What makes an Ella Acrylic Walk in Bathtub stand out in the crowd?

Ella Acrylic Walk in Bathtubs help transform your bathroom into a luxurious, safe place to retreat to each day as part of a healthy lifestyle. Our Dual Drain system assures you an easy exit from your spa in as little as 80 seconds* without relying on pumps or motor.  We’ve doubled up on everything to ensure your safety… Two 2″ Brass floor drains linked by four stainless steel cables to the comfortable, ADA compliant Brass overflow covers mean safe exit from your spa every time.

Why are Ella Acrylic Walk in Bathtubs the right choice for you?

Ella Walk in Bathtubs are loaded with features to ensure a safe, luxurious bathing experience for everyone. Our Dual Drain system, Therapeutic Air and Hydro Jets, O3 enhanced Bidet Air Jets, LED Chroma Therapy Lighting, Water Sterilization system and In Line Water Heater are combined to offer a more therapeutic bathing experience than a traditional bathtub. Frequently Asked WIT Questions

How long will it take to fill my Ella Acrylic Walk in Bathtub?

It only takes about 10 minutes to fill an Ella Walk in Bathtub to a level where it is safe to use the hydro jets (1-2″ above the highest hydro jets) and about 6 minutes more to reach the overflow.  The fill time will vary depending on the water pressure and plumbing set up available in your home. If you have well water and your pump and pressure tank are correctly adjusted you will be able to maximize the full potential of our fill fixtures. If you have city service the water pressure will depend on the distance between the water source and your home.

Can the inline water heater be the primary source of heat in my Ella Acrylic Walk in Bathtub?

The 1.5kw in line water heater is designed to maintain the water temperature that the Ella Walk in Bathtub has been filled with.  It helps to counteract the temperature loss which occurs when you use the air jets. Without an inline water heater the water temperature would drop when using the air jets because it draws in the ambient air at room temperature which is cooler than the water.