Frequently Asked Questions About Cultured Marble Shower Wall Surround Panels


Question: Can any color be applied to any pattern?

Answer: We can combine any style with any color and with any finish listed on the Cultured Marble page. The dealer will have to pre-pay the order in full and will take about a month to receive. We can receive single orders or truck load.

Cultured Marble walls come in 10 different designs and colors.  

All color variations are on the Cultured Marble page of the website.

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Question: What is Cultured Marble?

Answer: Cultured Marble – crushed granite / acrylic coating makes it shiny / more durable than just plain acrylic.

Cultured Marble surrounds are easy to install, good density, about the same cost as acrylic, great quality, durable, and doesn’t flex. when you press, easy ship compared to solid surface (granite/quartz) and comes in 4, 6, 8 panel systems so will work well with shower and wit surrounds and comes with 11 different textures/colors.

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Question: Are edges rounded or is it sharp edge?

Answer: Comes rounded but if you cut, cut towards the corner. Also can finish with trim, will look good. Trim is one of the packages in dealer pricing.

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Question: What PAYMENT METHODS we accept?

Answer: Cash, Credit Card, Wire Transfer.

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Question: How is Cultured Marble delivered?

Answer: Single order showers are a drop-ship in a 64×40 custom designed honeycomb pallet safely delivered to a job site.

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Question: How does Cultured Marble pricing compare to stone slab pricing?

Answer: Stone is Very expensive compared to cultured marble. see image below.

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Question: How thick is Cultured Marble?

Answer: These ¼” thick engineered stone panels have the same luxurious look and feel as marble and are also easy to clean and maintain unlike tiled surrounds.