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We know that with so many walk-in tubs choices, it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we made this page, packing it with lot’s of great content to keep you well-informed about our tubs so you can make an educated decision.

Why Choose Ella’s Bubbles?

We are true experts when it comes to walk-in tubs. At Ella’s, we always make sure our customers get the perfect walk-in tub that would be best suited for them and their bathroom. We know that with so many various walk-in tubs choices, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. 

Our walk-in tubs are truly unique and stand out from our competitors. To start, our tubs are made from acrylic as opposed to gel coat. With the customer in mind, we have created unique designs for our walk-in tub doors that would fit the customer and their bathroom space. We also equipped our tubs with the industry best Dual Drain Technology which provides fast and efficient draining and reliable and fast exit from the tub. Lastly, we offer features and accessories that include a patented 360 degree swivel tray, a unique 4-fold shower screen, various therapeutic jetting options and so much more to enhance your bathing experience!

In the index below, we will break down walk-in tub topics and talk about each one in detail. We will be educating you about Ella walk-in tub categories, door types, style and size of the tubs, various jetting options and packages, walk-in tub fixtures, features and accessories, and lastly about our cultured marble shower wall surrounds. Continue to read below for the ultimate walk-in tub guide!

Why Choose An Acrylic Walk-In Tub Over A Gelcoat Tub

Ella’s Bubbles is a Chicago-based manufacturer of acrylic walk-in tubs and a nationally distributed manufacturer of private label accessible shower stalls and gel coat walk-in tubs. Our focus has always been on acrylic walk-in tub development, production, and distribution. Considering that acrylic is the better material option, It is important to understand the benefits of acrylic tubs over gel coat tubs.

About Acrylic Walk-In Tubs

Acrylic tubs are formed from a solid sheet of material providing you with a consistent and quality product every time. They have a brilliant non-porous finish that is impermeable to mold and mildew, long lasting, and easy to maintain.

Acrylic’s non-porous surface ensures that mold and mildew cannot seep into the material and build up over time causing several issues. Whereas gel coat tubs are created using several layers of gel coat which causes a rougher porous surface that is susceptible to mold and mildew.

About Gel Coat Walk-In Tubs

These walk-in tubs consist of a gel coat layer that is sprayed on a mold and a layer of fiberglass over that to reinforce it. Then, it is backed with wood and more fiberglass for extra versatility and durability. Gel coat is a porous material, however, it is very important to understand that the quality of the gel coat walk-in baths depends on craftsmanship, experience, and the quality of materials used.

Be cautious about cheaper gel coat walk-in bathtubs available on the market, as they may not have plenty of layers of gel coat sprayed on and polished to perfection in order to achieve the long lasting, easy to clean surface. Gel coat does have more versatile options and sizes that cannot be achieved with acrylic because of the nature of the material and the process of making it.

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Stainless Steel Frame, Adjustable Level Legs & A Fiberglass Reinforced Shell

Ella acrylic walk-in tubs are constructed of the highest quality grade white acrylic, with an easy to clean gloss finish that is reinforced with fiberglass. The acrylic shell is supported by a rust proof stainless steel frame for durability and adjustable leveling legs for easier installation.

The acrylic shell is supported by a rust proof stainless steel frame for durability and multiple adjustable leveling legs for an easier installation and stronger support. Most Ella walk-in tub supporting frames are raised by adjustable frame legs to allow the drainpipe to be installed above the floor for easier an drain connection to the existing house drain. For some walk-in tub models, you can also lower the threshold with leveling legs when access to the crawl spaces or basements are available and drains can be recessed below the floor level. Please refer to specific model manuals for more details, talk to our customer support specialists, your contractor or an Ella’s Bubbles authorized reseller.

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Selecting the Right Walk-In Tub For You & Your Bathroom Space


The big decision you’ll have to make is the size of your walk-in bathtub. We offer a variety of sizes to tailor to your specific needs. When picking a size, you’ll need to take into account your body type, the water usage of that walk-in bathtub, and whether or not you can fit it through your house and into your bathroom. Ella’s Bubbles takes into account that our customers come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we offer walk-in tubs in multiple different sizes to accommodate every body type.

Below, we will showcase our 8 walk-in tub categories. Most of these categories are created based on the door types or walk-in tub unique styles and features such as: 2 seat walk-in tubs, a hoist operated walk-in tub, the largest (36×72) single seat walk-in tub in the market, or our uniquely designed lay-down walk-in tubs without a seat.


Walk-In Tub Categories & Models

Stainless Steel U-Shaped Inward Swinging Door

Inward swing doors are great for the common bather who doesn’t need the extra room to get into and out of the walk-in bathtub. They also are great space savers and perform well in smaller bathrooms as some bathrooms don’t offer the space needed to accommodate an outward swinging door in walk-in bathtub. These sort of tubs are also are self-sealing. As the water pressure pushes on the door it further seals it to prevent any leaks. This door type is also one of the most common options for walk-in tubs and comes in stainless steel with a tempered frosted glass.


U-Shaped Outward Swinging Door

This line of walk-in tub models feature a unique outward swing door which allows for an easy in and out exit. This kind of door requires additional space in the bathroom, and it allows the most room to maneuver inside the tub. These doors also feature tempered glass giving you a tub with a unique high-end look. We have a total of seven U-shape door walk-in tubs and most of those models include the best in industry unique Ella gravity driven Dual Drain Technology (four 2” Outlets/Ports). Two of our models, the Front Entry and Mobile, include two 2″ ports with an emergency pull up chain.


Two Seat Walk-In Tubs

Life is hectic and filled with all sorts of monotonous tasks, so most people tend to consider bathing a chore. However, such an ordinary task can easily be turned into a pleasurable experience when a loved one is included. Ella’s Bubbles offer three 2-seat walk-in tubs so that couples can enjoy a relaxing bath together. Not only will washing those hard-to-reach places be easier, the partner bond will also feel renewed and refreshed. It will be very challenging to find these types of walk-in tubs for two anywhere else. To make it even better, all of our 2-seat tubs come with a center door and drain to create more seating space for you and your loved one. 


Wheelchair Accessible L-Shaped Outward Swinging Door

These outward swing Door walk-in tubs were engineered to suit people who use a wheelchair and those with limited mobility. The large entry through the wide, L-shaped outward swing door allows the bather to hold on to the deck, and wall-mounted pre-installed grab bars, as they slide in or out of the walk-in tub bathtub. For example, customers in a wheelchair can easily slide in and out of the seat without having to stand up.


Lay Down Acrylic Walk-In Tubs

The Ella Laydown walk-in tub, provides you with all the accessibility and safety of a traditional walk-in tub, while giving you the feel and comfort of a regular bathtub. Engineered straight and narrow side walls offer unparalleled safety while offering you extra room and comfort. This tub features a wider flat floor space side to side so that you can stand closer to the wall of the tub greatly reducing the chances of slipping when standing in, showering, and entering or exiting the tub. Available with an optional stainless steel and tempered glass inward swing door with an added glass shower screen.


S-Shaped Inward Swinging Acrylic Walk-In Tubs

Just like the stainless steel inward swing U-shape doors, the S-Class walk-in tubs also have an inward swinging door, but the main difference is the she shape of it and that it’s made from acrylic as opposed to stainless steel. 


Hoist Transfer Bathtub

The Ella Transfer3060HL is a hoist transfer bathtub that is sized for the average bather. This is a great option for customers who have little to no mobility. The tub features a hoist that can be pulled out and moved to assist the user. Once the person is on the hoist, they can easily be pushed straight into the tub in a matter of minutes. As soon as the bath is over, you can store the hoist right behind the tub rolling the bottom underneath to decrease the space being used.


Ella Ultra

This model includes a brushed aluminum inward swinging door with frosted tempered glass, a stainless-steel towel bar for your convenience, and even wall and deck mounted grab bars to work in unison allowing for easy and safe entry/exit of the tub.


Different Types of Doors & Door Selection Options


Picking the correct door type is an important detail that you don’t want to overlook. There are ‘U’ shaped doors that sport a modern design, and they’re perfect for the common bather. ‘L’ shaped doors are great for those with mobility issues as they allow for easy transfer from wheelchair to the walk-in bathtub and back. Outward swing doors allow for more room inside the tub, but may require more space in the bathroom to accommodate the door. Ella’s outward swing door tubs have either a 2 or 3-latch locking system to keep the door securely closed and free from leaks, but still easy to operate. Lastly, inward swing doors are are great space savers and perform well in smaller bathrooms as some bathrooms don’t offer the space needed to accommodate an outward swinging door in walk-in bathtub.


Below, you will see the 4 different Ella walk-in tub door styles including our unique 2 & 3-latch gear and shaft mechanism vs. a simple lever lock system.


Ella door types and styles


A 2-latch door system provides a more secure and watertight door seal than the conventional single latch system. This provides you with a leak-free bathing experience unlike our competitors who typically use a single latch/lever system.

The unique 3-latch door lock system allows for equal pressure to the door gasket throughout its entirety and guarantees a leakproof door seal. This locking mechanism truly differentiates Ella’s Bubbles from its competitors.

Ella 2 & 3 latch door lock system vs. the industry 1 latch standard doors

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Selecting the Correct Style & Size of the Walk-In Tub


The house drain positioning will determine where the walk-in tub can be placed. If it is new a construction, the positioning of the drain and walk-in tub placement can be planned. Your contractor must make sure the house drain can be connected to the drain of your selected walk-in tub.

For example in many cases you have to choose the left drain/door walk-in tub to connect to the existing right side drain of the bath-tub or shower you are replacing. Please consult to your licensed contractor to assure the correct selection.

In many remodeling cases, it may not be feasible to change the drain positioning, so please pay attention to the images and information shown below prior to purchasing.

Left and Right corner installation:

Most of Ella walk-in tubs come with one reversible end L panel and an extension panel/filler (for tubs shorter than 60”) is included so if your tub needs to be installed in left or right corners, the reversible end panel will cover the end of the tub.

60″ Alcove installation:

Most Ella walk-in tubs shorter than 60” will include the filler L panel. For example, the Elite is 30”x52” so it will come with L panel filler in the width of 8”. Please refer to specifications of your selected walk-in tub found on every product page under the “Downloads” section.

Against the wall installation:

In this case, both ends will be open and you will need to purchase one more end panel to cover the other open end.

Check out our installation videos here:

Ella Walk-In Tub Installation Tips

Ella Walk-In Tub Service Panel Access

Additional Access Panels For Walk-In Tubs

It is important to be aware of the Ella end access panels. Ella walk-in tubs include one reversible end panel which can be installed to either side. The additional end panel can be ordered in case if your tub is installed to the back wall as free standing.


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Above the floor drain installation (default on most Ella walk-in tubs)

Below the floor drain installation (refer to specifications for specific tub if this option is available)

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