Tub to Shower Conversions

Have a bathtub but find you rarely use it?

It’s time to step into a new shower with a tub to shower conversion from Bath Replacement Experts!

Tubs bring with them mobility issues, including an increased possibility of slipping or tripping on the ledge when entering the bathtub. Falls are one of the top reasons for hospitalization for seniors and those living with mobility issues, especially when in a slippery environment like the bathroom. A bathroom renovation that converts your bathtub to a shower can offer you the safety and peace of mind you need!

Bath Replacement Experts offers bathroom remodeling that turns your tub into a modern shower that features ease-of-use features like seats and sturdy handles. Our showers also offer a number of different fixture options to suit your preferences, including water-saving showerheads. Our bathroom remodels are fast, affordable and gives you the features you need to stay safe. Learn how Ultimate Bath Systems can convert your bathtub to shower today.

Benefits of Bath Remodeling


We first inspect the existing bathtub area for any potential issues that could arise from converting the bathtub to shower.


We then repair the area, where required, to ensure your new shower remodel will function perfectly and last a long time.


After the appropriate preparation, we can then begin installing your new, custom-picked shower and fixtures.


Upon completion of the bathtub to shower conversion, the Ultimate Bath Systems team cleans up the workspace and removes the old tub for you.

Stress Free

We clean the mess and dispose of your old bathtub. Most shower remodels and installations can be completed in one day.

Safe & Reliable

You don’t have to accept a second-rate shower experience. Our showers are comfortable, spacious and can be tailor-picked to suit your space.


Increase the ease-of-use factor of your washroom by tossing your old, out-dated tub and moving to a convenient shower unit.

Affordable Investment

Bathrooms renovations have one of the highest returns on property value. Not to mention it’s affordable and we offer FREE in-home estimates to make sure our bathtub conversion fits within your budget!