Shower Remodeling

Get the shower you’ve always wanted

Transform your old shower into a modern, efficient space with our shower remodelling services.

There are numerous disadvantages to owning an older shower. Lack of water pressure, pooling water at your feet and cramped space are all common complaints. Some old units can ruin the look of your bathroom and even put the health of your family at risk if they show evidence of mold or mildew. Our new, technologically advanced showers can save water, have numerous pressure settings and are ergonomically designed to maximize space.

Benefits of Bath Remodeling


We first take out the existing tub or shower unit and inspect the bathroom. This allows us to assess what kind of work needs to be done before starting your shower remodel and installing the new unit.


Our team then prepares the area for the new shower installation and repairs the shower’s surrounding area where necessary, including the removal of any mold or mildew.


After the preparation stage is complete, we begin the shower remodel. We install the shower you want, featuring your preferred size, style and fixtures.


Once the new shower is in place, we clear the area of any dust and debris that may have resulted from the bathroom renovation. All of that can be completed in just one day!


New showers are more water-efficient compared with older units. This helps the environment and saves you money.


You don’t have to accept a second-rate shower experience. Our showers are comfortable, spacious and can be tailor-picked to suit your space.


Our shower remodelling service offers free in-home estimates to ensure that we can install a shower that suits your budget.

Professional Installation

Our top-notch work is also fast, minimizing the time your bathroom needs to be out of order. Most jobs can be completed within the day.